Shannon's School of Dance Recital 2020

The Bridge View Center
Ottumwa, Iowa
Event Date:
July 17-18, 2020
Performances 1 & 2

Watch every kick, leap, and jump with a keepsake recital video of your performance. From the first steps on stage to the smiles at end of a flawless performance, every special moment is captured for you to remember and share!

This year's video includes performances from mini-recitals recorded July 17 & 18. Both Friday mini-recitals (Show 1 & Show 2) are combined into one video with all Friday routines. Both Saturday (Show 3 & Show 4) mini-recitals are combined into one video with all Saturday routines.

Choose the video format that works best for you:

  • DVD-Video is a DVD video disc that can be played in all set-top players, portable/vehicle DVD players, and computer drives.
  • Blu-ray Disc is a high definition video disc that can be played in a Blu-ray disc player.
  • Digital Download is a download link for your device or computer. Videos are delivered as a HD MP4 video file to be streamed or saved to your compatible device.