Ultimate Dance and Cheer Recital 2020

UDC Studio
Sioux Falls, SD
Event Date:
June 17, 2020
Ultimate Dance and Cheer Recital 2020

Watch every kick, leap, and jump with a keepsake recital video of your performance. From the first steps on stage to the smiles at end of a flawless performance, every special moment is captured for you to remember and share!

Each video includes all routines from the recording session on June 17.

Competitive team recordings from prior competitions were originally planned to be included in this video. These were unable to be obtained from the studio and not included in the final product.

Each DVD product ships in a protective case with custom artwork. A dance selection menu is located on the main DVD menu. USB Flash drives contain a HD MP4 file for viewing in computers and many Smart TVs and media players.

Choose the video format that works best for you:

  • DVD-Video is a DVD video disc that can be played in all set-top players, portable/vehicle DVD players, and computer drives.
  • USB Flash Drive is a USB drive that includes a H.264 MP4 video file. It can be played on computers and many USB-enabled Smart TVs or media players.
  • Blu-ray Disc is a high definition video disc that can be played in a Blu-ray disc player.

Sample Video: