DX AmeriCup 2018 Session DVD Sets

Event Date:
March 1-4, 2018
Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis Convention Center
DX AmeriCup Video

Watch every kick, leap, and jump with a keepsake video of your performance. Every routine is captured using high definition WDR equipment for a crisper picture using more pixels than ever before. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) delivers brighter, more realistic colors and greater detail. Each second of video is made up of over 60 individual still frames – perfect for showcasing quick movements and fast action on stage. From the first steps on stage to the smiles at end of a flawless performance, everything is more lifelike than ever.

Choose the session from the competition. All performances from the selected session will be included on the disc

  • Session #1: Mite Hip Hop, Collegiate Jazz, High School Jazz, Tiny Jazz, Youth Large Jazz, Youth Small Jazz, Diamond Pom, Mite Pom Squirt Pom, Teen Pom, Awards #1

  • Session #2: Junior Large & Junior Small Jazz, Junior & Junior & Mini Lyr/Cont, Open-OHH Hip-Hop, Senior Kick, Senior Sm-SSP Pom, Awards #2

  • Session #3: Mini Jazz, Senior-SCL Lyr/Cont, Junior Large Pom, Junior Small Pom, Senior Sm-SSJ Jazz, Senior-SCL Lyr/Cont, Mini Large Pom, Mini Small Pom, Senior Lg-SLP Pom, Awards #3

  • Session #4: High School Hip Hop, Mite Jazz, Squirt Jazz, High School Lyr/Cont, Youth Large Pom, Youth Small Pom, Diamond Hip Hop, Squirt Hip Hop, Tiny Hip Hop, Diamond Jazz, Squirt Jazz, Diamond Lyr/Cont, Youth Large Lyr/Cont, Youth Small Lyr/Cont, Collegiate Pom, High School Pom, Youth Large Pom, Awards #4

  • Session #5 Open-OJ Jazz, Senior Lg Coed Hip Hop, Collegiate Lyr/Cont, Senior Lg-SLHH Hip Hop, Junior Hip Hop, Mini Hip Hop, Senior Sm-SSH Hip Hop, Junior Kick, Open-OCL Lyr/Cont, Awards #5

  • Session #6 Squirt Dance, Youth Hip Hop, Collegiate Hip Hop, High School Kick, Teen Lyr/Cont, Mite Lyr/Cont, Squirt Lyr/Cont, Tiny Lyr/Cont, Collegiate Lyr/Cont, Awards #6

  • Session #7: Grand Championship Finals: Mini, Tiny, Elem, Youth, Junior, Mexico National Anthem, USA National Anthem, Awards #7

  • Session #8: Grand Championship Finals: MS, HS, Senior, Coll, Open, Coed, Mexico National Anthem, USA National Anthem, Awards #8

Example Video: